Child Protective Services (CPS) Cases

El Paso CPS Defense Attorney

Have you suddenly found yourself under investigation by CPS or Child Welfare Social workers? The purpose of these services is to protect vulnerable children, but too often, the burden of proof against a mistaken charge lies with innocent families, who get caught up in a hostile and complicated legal system. No matter how unfounded the allegation, if you are accused of child neglect or abuse, your parental rights could be jeopardized.

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If unchecked, an erroneous charge could cause a family to wind up facing Child Protection Court, which has the power to temporarily or permanently remove a child from his or her home and terminate parental rights. As a seasoned trial attorney, I am committed to giving my utmost to steadfastly protecting the rights of falsely accused parents.

I frequently am called upon by Child Protection Court to handle CPS cases, as I am a member of the El Paso County CPS attorney rotation. I am also an invited member of the National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center, a nonprofit that fights false accusations of child abuse and furthers education and research on the matter. When your rights and the well-being of your child are at stake, I have the proven passion and tenacity it takes to provide trusted counsel to defend you in court.

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