Federal Criminal Law

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When you are facing a federal indictment, you must understand the accusations are more than serious, as you are now up against the might of the federal government. Federal criminal law requires not just an understanding of the maze of regulations and procedures, but the effect of the complex federal sentencing guidelines and how they will likely impact your case. I am well versed and experienced in all areas of federal criminal laws, procedure, and sentencing guidelines. I have tried cases in many federal district courts and pursued many cases through appellate courts of the United States. My experience and knowledge can be the key to a positive outcome for you.

We offer a free consultation on all federal criminal cases.

BEWARE: Federal courts are not the place for your lawyer to be learning on the job. Experience and knowledge of the federal rules of criminal procedure, and the federal sentencing guidelines, are critical to the proper evaluation, investigation, negotiation, and trial in a federal district court. The stakes are far too high in a system where you are facing the might and resources of the federal government. This is a system in which the judge determines your sentence, and where prison time is the usual penalty, and probation is a rarity. I have represented clients in federal court for over a decade, and I have handled all manners of federal criminal cases.

I can be called upon to represent you in any Federal Court in the United States. I have represented clients in Federal District Court on the East and West coast and many districts in between. So, whether you or your loved one is charged or detained in El Paso, San Antonio, Philadelphia, Miami, or anywhere in the United States, I am available to represent you.

In federal courts, I have tried many cases in the following areas:

  • Racketeering, Influenced, and Corrupt Organizations (RICO)
  • Conspiracies (illegal drugs, alien trafficking, criminal gangs)
  • Possession, importation, and distribution of controlled substances (marijuana, cocaine (crack), heroin, methamphetamines)
  • Federal criminal immigration violations (illegal entry by an alien, misuse or presentation of false documents to enter the United States, illegal re-entry into the United States)
  • White collar crimes (wire and mail fraud, money laundering, Medicare and Medicaid fraud)

Federal Criminal Appeals

I also offer my services in the area of appeals of criminal convictions from the federal district courts. Appeals are a special area of the law and require a lawyer who not only understands the law applicable to your case, but that has actually tried and won that kind of legal matter at trial. This knowledge is the key because at appeal no more witnesses or evidence will be taken. You will not appear before the appeals court. Instead the court only has before it the written record of trial, appellate briefs by counsel, and rarely some argument. A well-crafted and thoughtful appeal is your improved chance for a positive outcome. I am licensed to practice and qualified from the Court of Appeals to the United States Supreme Court.

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