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Anyone who is accused of a crime can feel that his or entire future is threatened. The same can apply to children whose prospects in life can be severely diminished due to one mistake or one erroneous allegation. In this difficult time, you deserve to be represented by a legal advocate who has your best interests in mind.

I am a former JAG and seasoned trial attorney who handles both family law and criminal defense cases. Not only am I ready to mount a robust defense of a young person's freedom and future, but I can also advocate on parents' behalf, as they can sometimes face sanctions for alleged delinquency. When you need comprehensive defense, you can rely on The Law Offices of Leonard Morales.

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A minor in juvenile court does not have the same constitutional rights as an adult in criminal court. Unlike criminal court judges, the Juvenile Court Referee has various authorities under both the Family Code and Criminal Code of Texas. Because of these and other significant differences, it is vital that you find an experienced defender who is familiar with these types of cases.

In my 15 years of legal practice in Texas, I have been named to The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers in 2014, as well as received numerous other accolades. But what really testifies to my passion for every client are the results that I have secured on behalf of the individuals I have represented. As an El Paso criminal defense and family lawyer, I have represented thousands of people before, producing results that speak for themselves. When I take a case, I cannot guarantee an outcome, but I can promise you that I will give my very best. Find out if I can be of service when you request your case review today!