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As an attorney with over two decades of experience, and a former Army JAG I am well versed in many unique and particular areas of civil and administrative law.

Consultation fees do apply to civil or administrative cases. Please keep in mind that my goal is to conduct a comprehensive consultation. No matter if it takes one or more sessions, you will meet with me personally, not a legal assistant or paralegal.

I trust that the information and counsel you receive will be invaluable. Oftentimes, I must review your documents and your recollection of events in detail in order to determine if you have a case that can succeed.

Please call my firm at (915) 546-2696 or contact us online to inquire as to the cost of a consultation.

Lawsuits Against the State or Federal Government

The state and federal governments are protected to a large extent from suit by persons for damages or injuries sustained by the acts of their agencies. There are, however, some instances when an individual may file suit in a state or federal court against the government for damages such as Civil Rights violations. I have fought and won cases of this sort.

Federal Tort Claims Act

The federal government has waived its general immunity (meaning a citizen cannot simply sue the government) from lawsuit due to personal injury in only a few areas. These areas are specifically outlined in the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA). The FTCA allows individuals to sue the federal government for personal injury at the hands of their agents and agencies under limited facts and circumstances.

One such area is for medical malpractice. I spent a good part of my active duty JAG experience as the Center Judge Advocate for William Beaumont Army Medical Center- in other words, the hospital's General Legal Counsel. Much of my duties involved defending civil lawsuits against doctors for medical malpractice under the FTCA. I now utilize this unique experience to fight for the victims of medical malpractice. If you believe you have been injured due to malpractice in a military or Veteran's Affairs (VA) Hospital, I have the experience and means at my disposal to evaluate your case, and determine whether your claim can succeed under the FTCA.

Texas Tort Claims Act

Much like the federal government, the state of Texas has only waived its immunity from lawsuit due to personal injury in very limited circumstances. If you believe you have been injured by an agent or agency of the state of Texas, or any county or city (such as law enforcement), you have certain rights and only a short period of time to exercise them.

Revocation of Security Clearance

Since the attacks on September 11, 2001, the federal government has ramped up its programs surrounding security clearance in government employment, and military service in general. If you have been denied security clearance or are facing the revocation of your security clearance, please call to set up a consultation. With planning and a proper defense you can overcome the denial or revocation of your clearance.

I have represented individuals from basic security clearance problems to a full defense before a federal government Administrative Judge, saving these people's federal civilian jobs and military careers.

Applications to Upgrade Discharges from the Armed Forces

I assist veterans who are interested in upgrading a lesser characterization of discharge. Soldiers who were separated from service with something other than an honorable discharge may appeal their characterization to the Armed Forces Board of Corrections. Although relief is rare, the impact to the individual can be significant. If your characterization of discharge has limited your job opportunities, you may appeal to have that discharge upgraded.

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